Monthly:August 2009

Clay Ovens in Ireland

While I’m catching up on Germany and the Slovakia blogs, I thought I’d post these photos of ovens built during workshops in Ireland by our German friend, Frank Andresen. A clay builder for many years, I wrote a short piece about him in our accounts of Denmark, where he came to visit us. Anyhow, the ovens he is currently building are kind of fun. For an easy and quick oven base, he is using truck tires filled with whatever is […]

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Straw Bales, Clay and Mariachi Music – San Jose, CA

My account of our Europe trip got temporarily shanghaied due to our recent trip to New Mexico. We were there for the annual Santa Clara Pueblo Feast Day where our 18 year old son Benito was part of the dances and ceremonies. For us it meant cleaning and preparing of food for the all day event. Following Feast Day we spent almost two weeks doing the finish plaster on Athena’s mother’s new adobe house along with Benito, his girlfriend Ariela, […]

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Tadelakt in France

Our workshop in France had an additional workshop within our workshop. Two Moroccan/French masons were there to teach “tadelakt,” a method of burnishing or polishing lime plaster and then sealing it with black olive oil soap. We had brief exposure to it some years ago from a young guy who had studied it in Morocco. Since then, we’ve collected numerous accounts of how it is done and as one would expect, those accounts differed enough to make our French opportunity […]

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