Monthly:October 2009

Slovakia – The Workshop

Our workshop compound in Bucany, Slovakia as sketched by architect Radoslaw Barek of Poland.Traveling south from Denmark, where half of our workshop had been very wet and a tad bit cold, we looked forward to warmer and drier weather in Slovakia. To the contrary, our workshop there was wetter than anyplace we visited or taught in Europe. It started raining shortly after we arrived and continued throughout the week. Don’t let any of the photos below with blue sunny skies […]

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Touristing Slovakia – Pre June Workshop

This posting goes back to the month of June when we were in Slovakia for one of our European workshops. This will tell you a little bit about what we experienced there, a later post will cover the workshop. I’ve still got Germany to go as well as some other odds and ends, obviously those will come later. In that we’ve got a workshop starting today it will be a while before I post again, but for now, here’s Slovakia […]

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Straw Bales and Mariachis

What have I been doing for the last month in that I’ve made no posts to this blog? Without going into detail, here’s a quick summary: – S We spent a little over two weeks in northern New Mexico at Santa Clara Pueblo for the annual feast day and doing the finish plasters on Athena’s mother’s tiny new adobe house. – RWe returned home, took a deep breath and built a small movable straw bale structure during our week long […]

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