Monthly:January 2010

December Guests from Japan to Canelo

Thinking back over the past year, I thought about writing a summary of all that we’ve done and for a number of reasons that didn’t hold much appeal for me. My posts to this blog over the last year accomplish that so I thought why bother. In exploring my options, I started looking back over the past twenty years that Athena and I have been building together. I guess that is an accomplishment in itself in that many couples can’t […]

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Canelo Winter

This winter has kept us busy enough to make it difficult to find the kind of leisure I enjoy when it comes to creating posts to this blog. After our project at the Ceramic Research Center in Tempe, Arizona, we spent a week in the upper Rio Sonora river valley, a little known part of northern Sonora, Mexico, photographing the small towns and people. I’ll write about that later in that we will be making repeated trips over the course […]

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