Monthly:March 2010

Northern New Mexico in August

Last August, we traveled north of Santa Fe, New Mexico to Santa Clara Pueblo, one of New Mexico’s Eight Northern Pueblos, where Athena’s mother, sister, brother and other members of the extended family live. Santa Clara’s annual feast day falls on August 12th so it is not that unusual to find us there that time of year, especially since our older son Benito, has begun taking part in the feast day dances. It’s a big event, people come from all […]

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The Rio Sonora Valley Continued

There are a number of topics that I would like to write about before warm weather, workshops, gardening and such things begin to compete with the time I’ve had this winter to write this blog. I want to complete our European trip by telling you about our visit to Gemany along with a few other odds and ends. For now, I would like to return to Mexico, it’s a lengthy piece, but perhaps my last til summer. Before telling you […]

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