Monthly:May 2010

A Great Blog on the Rio Sonora Valley

It’s spring in Canelo, our April workshops have finished and I’ve been here at home, taking the time to work on various odds and ends here on our property and buildings. It’s a luxury I haven’t always had in the past few years so I’m enjoying it fully. Athena just returned from a couple of weeks with her mother and family in New Mexico. I’ve been here with our other two boys and intern Cecilia from Italy. So therefore, no […]

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Arizona Immigration to Music

In case you haven’t noticed, and it’s kind of hard to miss, the state of Arizona’s recent immigration legislation SB1070 has caused somewhat of an uproar both here in the States and abroad. Reactions to the bill have not been what you would call subtle, whether pro or against. We seem to have a tradition here in Arizona for doing things that are not exactly insightful. Last thing we managed along these lines was refusing to honor the Martin Luther […]

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