Monthly:December 2010

Mud Woman Begins to Roll

Funny where the world takes you at times. A desire to upload this blog before going to Mexico tomorrow and trouble with the internet at home took me to none other than McDonalds in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Clearly it is not someplace I frequent, but the WiFi is free and the coffee not too bad. The experience came complete with a birthday party right in front of me as I configured this post. Being a military town near the border […]

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Love Stories

My great grandfather came to Mexico from southern France in the mid 1850s in search of opportunity and a new life. When he arrived in northern Sonora, he fell in love with the beauty of this unique landscape, its people and married. When I was young, I can remember my mother talking about how he regretted leaving Mexico for southern Arizona, an area that had recently become part of the United States through the Gadsden Purchase. I don’t know if […]

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