Monthly:April 2011

Odds and Ends from Home

Here’s a few items that I thought I’d share with you, mostly this post was driven by people requesting the recipe for the “coctel de nopalitos” or in English, prickly pear pad salad with a lot of juice.  So I thought instead of emailing it out repeatedly why not do it once and for all here. 

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Photo Dispatches from Sonora

Looking back, March seems little more than a blur.  Our life was consumed by the state of Sonora.  Either we were there or it came to us.  Not only did the month of March look like a blur, in retrospect, so seems that arbitrary line called the border.  Crossing back and forth frequently almost makes it seem imaginary with perhaps the exception of the congestion at the border city of Nogales. So much happened during the course of the last […]

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Connecting Some Personal Dots

“Connecting People, Culture and Nature,” was the phrase we chose when we created The Canelo Project. To this day, I think it describes our work better than anything else. It’s what comes easy to us and I think it’s not an exaggeration to say that connecting people from different cultural contexts is something that we do as well, if not better than most. And even though we are mostly known for straw bale building and clay, our work really has […]

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