Monthly:June 2011

Earth Floor – Diamond Mountain Buddhist Community

This past weekend I spent a day helping/teaching three young folks installing an earth floor in a 400 sf straw bale cottage belonging to 33 year old Nicole Davis.  Short of installing the kitchen cabinets and sink, this was the last step in finishing her little building, mostly self-built, after a couple of years of hard work.  It always amazes me what can happen and how much people can do with a little guidance and good technique.  So I thought […]

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A Long Overdue Post

I keep thinking I should post something to my blog, our past 3 months have been ridiculously busy.  However, I’m poised to fill in the blanks with a series of short posts of our happenings over the past several months.  For today, partially because it doesn’t take much writing and I think the photos are fun, I’m posting a few of our son Arjuna’s (aka Oso) newly remodeled 1965 Ambassador Airstream trailer.  He picked it up at the end of […]

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