Monthly:July 2011

Monday Morning – Denver

Our first weekend working at the Denver Art Museum is behind us. I think I like Denver, our experiences here over the last year have been nothing short of positive.  The downtown area isn’t too big, easy to get around and now the neighborhood where we’re staying is perfect, older, well-kept, big trees and everything we need within easy walking distance. But why, when we have a job like we do, working with mud and short pieces of straw all […]

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Canelo Dispatches

Denver Art Museum News This weekend begins our program at the Denver Art Museum and their summer program “Marvelous Mud – Clay around the world.”  Our participation in this summer program is entitled “Clayground.”  The museum has advertised us as providing an opportunity for “families to join us in sculpting, molding and creating a giant eartthen playground.”  As usual, our plan is loose, we’ll have the materials on site and let it evolve from there.  Here’s the museum’s link for […]

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