Monthly:September 2011

Marvelous Mud on the Baltic Sea

Our Finland workshop took place at the edge of the Baltic sea on a small island just outside the center of Helsinki. The location was an old summer estate called Villa Svalvik, which in Finnish means “sage,” or so I was told.  Most of the meals and the evening presentations took place in an old wooden house built in 1908 and used as a summer place.  Access was by boat, there was no road til the 1950s.  In those days, […]

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Forests, Forests, Mushrooms, Mushrooms and the Sea

Something very beautiful about the rain in Europe is that it can be raining and you don’t see until you feel it, then you focus and the faint, tiny drops come into focus.  I suppose that must happen in other places, but it is something that we rarely if ever witness at home.  Finland, yes we did a workshop there, but what is foremost in my memories – the forest, the mushrooms, the archipelago – largest group of islands in […]

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