Monthly:March 2012

Dirt-O-Rama – Intriguing Tales Beneath Our Feet

From July 14th through the 29th, Athena and I will be at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum participating in their summer program entitled “Dirt-O-Rama – Intriguing Tales Beneath Our Feet.  I don’t believe anything has been posted to their website yet that describes the summer’s events.  Whenever that happens and there is a description of our activities I’ll post it to the blog.  For now, here’s a link to their site:  // As was the case last summer when we worked […]

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iPhones on the Rio Sonora

Through much of November and December my attention was focused on an iPhone photography course we sponsored in Banamichi, Sonora and that was held at La Posada del Rio Sonora // The course was taught by fine art photographer Dan Burkholder –   I’m not going to post any of Dan’s photos into this piece, but if you want to view a good collection of his iPhone images, open any of his mobile upload folders on his Facebook page.  This […]

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To Bluff and Back

I was being overtaken by recurring thoughts reminding me that I should write something for my blog.  Athena added a few of her own and then there were the suspicions of friends and readers who were wondering if a great crisis had befallen me, and so, I decided to write something. My temporary absence was not due to lack of interest, but a combination of constant activity and visitors to Canelo, several trips to Mexico where we remain very involved, […]

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