Monthly:October 2012

Artistry with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Photography has gone through a major change.   With the arrival of the iPhone, almost overnite, it became possible to capture high quality images, process and edit them on the phone without a computer, $2 apps replaced much of what expensive photo editing software was needed for.  If that’s not enough, the need for a heavy bag, full of expensive lenses, filters and external flash was greatly reduced.  And perhaps most important, it brought the fun back into photography and made […]

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Dispatch from Sonora

I’m sitting on the town plaza in Banamichi, Sonora, the temperature couldn’t be any more perfect, I’ve got my laptop and it seemed like a perfect time for a little blog catch-up before the drive home this afternoon.  This trip has included everything from helping supervise some construction details at the La Posada del Rio Sonora, getting a marvelous chef from Spain – Ana Borajo, oriented for a several week stay to teach the girls who work the kitchen at […]

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