Earthen Pizza Oven Workshop

2024 Canelo Workshop

Earthen Pizza Oven Workshop

Taught by Benito Steen


  • Friday, November 8, 2024
  • Sunday, November 10, 2024
  • 06:00 PM
  • 05:00 PM


  • Canelo Project , ARIZONA


  • $ 400 inc. all meals

Earthen Pizza Oven Workshop

Taught by Benito Steen

Join us for a 2-day workshop where we will build an Earthen Pizza Oven with natural building techniques. We will delve into the art of sustainable oven building techniques using earthen materials like clay, sand, pumice, and straw.

It will teach the following: 

  • Earthen Base Options: We will teach the versatility of earthen bases, from traditional adobe to rammed earth, and discover the best fit for your pizza oven project.

  • High-Temperature Cob Mix: We have created a specialized cob mix designed to withstand the intense heat required for pizza baking.

  • Insulation Techniques: Key to an efficient pizza oven is using insulation options such as lightweight pumice or fire blankets for optimal heat retention.

  • Earthen Hearth: We will teach hearth construction using fire bricks and stones, ensuring a solid foundation. 

As a delicious bonus, we’ll also guide you through the process of crafting your own sourdough pizza dough, adding an extra skill to your pizza-making ventures.

Throughout the workshop, we’ll teach the basics on materials and sourcing, empowering you to find and utilize these natural resources in your local area.

Consider signing up for the 3-day Introduction to Natural Building workshop taking place immediately after this workshop on November 11-14 with Nicolas Avalos and Dani Felgenhauer.

  • Dates: This course begins with orientation and dinner Friday evening and ends Sunday 5pm, with a dinner and breakfast following morning provided. 
  • Meals: all meals are included in the workshop price.
  • Accommodations: Camping and bunkroom beds are available and included in the workshop price. We have a few private rooms available for an extra cost.

Workshop Syllabus

San Jose, CA