Monthly:October 2011

Grupo Danza Xunutzi, Big Jim Griffith and Tucson Meet Yourself

I thought I’d be done with my European posts by now, but apparently, I came home more tired than expected.  One more remains about our stay in France and at least a pair on the Basques, about whom I really would like to write.  For now, here’s one that I knew I would have to do, but the story is very much different than I had imagined. The occasion was the annual Tucson Meet Yourself festival, which began some 30+ […]

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France and Camera Thoughts

We’re home in Canelo, 6 pretty hard, but fun weeks on our European tour.  My blogs dropped off after Finland, the pace always seems to get quicker, we work more, especially when we arrive at a place where there is a lot of preparation needed.  Plus, I think fatigue gradually eats away at you, almost imperceptibly, until you realize you probably don’t have another workshop left in you and it’s time to go home.  Four – 6 day-long workshops is […]

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