BWB Eco-House

Museum Art Project

BWB Eco-House

Our part in the Builders without Borders (BWB)
Strawbale Eco-House that was part of the
"One Planet-Ours!" exhibition.

An exhibition at the Botanic Garden, that is located across the street from the U.S. Capitol, was called “One Planet – Ours!” It showcased a variety of sustainable techniques including edible school yards, urban orchards, a solar greenhouse, photovoltaic panels, residential wind turbines, green roofs and rainwater harvesting.

Members of Builders without Borders (BWB), a network of ecological builders and volunteers, came together to create a small straw bale building as part of the USBG exhibit. Our part in the project was to do some of the interior plastering, in particular, the decorative wall that is seen through the entrance of the building. It was our second year in a row working near the Capitol and working with all those who contributed to this wonderful project was simply a whole lot of fun.

For a more detailed description of this project go to the Builders without Borders website.