Museum Art Project


Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO - 2011
Creating an outdoor clay play space
with children and families.

Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO – 2011

Summer of 2011, the month of July, has us at the Denver Art Museum as part of their summer program entitled “Marvelous Mud: Clay Around the World.” That program opened May 26, 2011 and continued through September 18, 2011. The program included eight major exhibitions ranging from ancient Amazonian ceramics to site-specific clay installations.

Our summer program was called Bill and Athena Steen’s Clayground.  We worked in combination with the general public at the Martin Plaza, outside the Hamilton Building, which is new wing of the museum. The main idea behind the Clayground was to construct an outdoor clay play space using techniques and materials that would be easy so that anyone could join the process. Both children and adults joined in the action mixing cob and plasters and were part of building seating, plastering, an oven, walls and a clay slide with stairway.  Even with an inexperienced workforce, the final pieces were beautiful and sculptural.

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