Roxanne Swentzell’s Tower Gallery

Building Project

Roxanne Swentzell's Tower Gallery

Family project to clay plaster the interior, adobe Tower Gallery which displays the works of internationally known sculptor, Roxanne Swentzell.

Tower Gallery, Pojoaque, NM – 2006

Roxanne Swentzell, Athena Steen’s sister, is internationally known for her clay sculptures and limited bronze editions. Her work is extensively exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. In August, 2006, after years of exhibiting her work elsewhere, she opened her own gallery at the Poeh Center of Pojoaque Pueblo, New Mexico (eight miles north of Santa Fe).

The gallery, a three story adobe tower, was built in the early 1990s, but the interior was never finished.  Roxanne and her husband Tim Star converted it into Roxanne’s gallery utilizing a labor force of the extended family that included four generations, ages one to seventy five.

Over a period of two months, June and July of 2006, The Canelo Project led a plastering effort to finish the interior adobe walls of the gallery.  The plasters were mixed from local clays with the exception of a lime plastered panel to be used as a projection screen. Tiny children played in the sand piles, those who didn’t want or know how to plaster, mixed.  All the plastering and mixing was done by hand.  Young teenagers carried heavy buckets of mix while others did the plastering.

In the end, the simplicity and magic of clay gave life to a forgotten place while simultaneously expanding, touching and connecting the lives of family members, friends and interns whose paths may never have crossed.
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