Private & Off-Site Workshops

Private Classes &
Hosting Workshops

Want to host a workshop?
Need help figuring out a mix using your local clay?
Want to have someone check over your plans?
We are available.

Private Classes

Private classes for individuals or small groups are available both at our Canelo Project site and away.

Half day:
$250  (1-2 people)
$375  (3-4 people)

Full day:
$500  (1-2 people)
$625  (3-4 people)

Meals are available upon request. 

Hosting a Workshop

We are available to teach workshops at your site.

We charge $800 per day for two instructors. Travel, food and accommodation are paid for by the host. Dependent on the workshop, consulting and design will be extra.

Filling the workshop and advertising will be the responsibility of the host. Although we are happy to post the workshop on our website.

For strawbale workshops, we require you have previously attended one our strawbale workshops.

Please inquire as to our availability and further details.



Let us build your Timber Frame

If you are interested in building a personal timber frame structure, we can host a workshop onsite at Canelo that will cut all the the joints and test the fittings. The initial raising will happen onsite.

Owner is responsible for cost of wood, transportation and for final assembly.

The building will need to fulfil the size for workshop, approximately 200-1000 sq feet, depending.

Contact to inquire.