Walls of Earth: Natural Building

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Walls of Earth:
Natural Building Workshop

"Buildings, too are children of Earth and Sun."
— Frank Lloyd Wright


  • Monday, September 27, 2021
  • Saturday, October 2, 2021
  • 08:00 PM
  • 04:00 PM


  • Canelo Project , ARIZONA


  • $ 880 inc. all meals
Sorry, this workshop is full, with a waitlist

Walls of Earth Workshop

Workshop is full, waiting list only.

Come and learn a range of natural-building techniques with us as we fill in the walls of our new timber-framed shop. This is a great introduction to earthen-wall building with tons of hand-on experience. It is perfect for beginners or people with some experience wanting to expand their skills.

You will leave with a broad understanding of the world of earthen building, giving you the confidence to start something on your own, be it a small backyard project or basic earthen walls for your house.

We will be covering a range of different techniques for earthen wall building, from adobe and straw-clay bricks, cob, and wattle-and-daub walls to stone foundations. We will also touch on earthen finishes. We will take a close look at these materials and how you might source them in your local area. A large element of this workshop will include processing and refining materials to give you an understanding of the mixes. It will be very hands-on so be ready to get muddy!

Instructors: Benito and Arjuna Steen

Brothers, Benito and Arjuna (Oso) were born and raised in southeastern Arizona where their parents teach natural building. They come from a long lineage of artists and makers and grew up surrounded by people from around the world coming in with new skills and crafts every day.

Homeschooled, they both gravitated early on as teenagers towards the trades and arts such as: plastering, blacksmithing and woodworking.  

Benito is a builder and artist, who strives to find the connection between space and beauty, shelter and nature, the hand and materials. He has taught natural building throughout Latin American and Southeast Asia.  Always learning and experimenting he mixes old techniques with the new, to create beautifully sustainable and healthy houses.

Arjuna (Oso) is a master carpenter and woodworker. He has built several strawbale houses with natural plasters. He enjoys bringing innovative solutions to the all creative work he does.

See an of overview of earthen wall techniques, made by Benito & Kalin: