A Long Overdue Post

I keep thinking I should post something to my blog, our past 3 months have been ridiculously busy.  However, I’m poised to fill in the blanks with a series of short posts of our happenings over the past several months.  For today, partially because it doesn’t take much writing and I think the photos are fun, I’m posting a few of our son Arjuna’s (aka Oso) newly remodeled 1965 Ambassador Airstream trailer.  He picked it up at the end of last summer, gutted it, and went to work earnestly on it early this past spring.  From Canelo, he hauled it up to Santa Fe to live in while working off and over the next year.  I don’t think I need to say more, the photos speak pretty much for themselves.  His newly established business goes by the name – “Bearfoot Carpentry.”  He’s got a great start, way more advanced than many woodworkers much older than he.  So for the immediate, in addition to his cabinetry work etc, it appears he is also in the Airstream remodeling business.

With fiance Alicia headed to Santa Fe.
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  1. Air Streams are really remarkable, and they never seem to go out of style. I have a friend with an old one – in the forties I believe, but I can't convince him to give it up. It's just sitting in a field – waiting for your son.

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