Denver’s Urban Folklore – Random photos

One of the fun things for me when working away from home is the opportunity for different kinds of photos whether it be people, buildings or what have you. Now that I’ve reported the essentials of the sculpture piece and plaster I thought I would post some photos that I took during that time. Easy because no dialogue is needed. Let’s call it a photo essay – Denver’s Urban Folklore.

The newly opened Native American Galleries
Navajo rugs from the late 1800s, often called “Eyedazzlers.”
They appeared when commercial yarn became available.
Interesting pot by Hubert Candelaria of San Felipe Pueblo that he described as pushing the limits of the clay.
Athena and Kalin with his new pin stripe suit for the Gala dinner.
It’s always an interesting transition from mud by day to elegance at night.
Counter at the restaurant “Mad Greens” next to the museum.
Saturdays seem to provide more variety on the 16th St mall both in terms of the people and music being played all along the street.
Another example.
Old house that we pass daily on the way to the museum.
I especially love the play of shadows, light and reflections on the glass in tall buildings.
Between the elevator and the museum exit, preparing for dinner.
These last three photos are taken with the iPhone. I have to admit, once in a while it’s fun to become the pure tourist and do such things as ride the carriage to dinner.
Venice restaurant in Denver
Roxanne toasting the sculpture.
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  1. That house looks just like the house from the movie "Up"!
    I love seeing the world through your lens, everything is so vivid and expressive. Keep it coming.

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