The Interns of Community Rebuild

Looking back at our project with Community Rebuilds, it’s obvious that the program would in now ways be the same without the interns. Each project has 8 that have been selected with an application process that involves a Skype interview. I was told that for the house we worked on, there had been 25 applicants. To insure their participation and completion of the 4 month project, they are required to make a $1,000 deposit that will be forfeited if they quit early.

They live together in the same house, for the most part eat together. They receive a $100 stipend for food, the rest of their food costs can be viewed as their tuition for the project. Otherwise, there is no charge for the program, they contribute their labor.

Very honestly, both Athena and I were thoroughly impressed with their dedication and hard work. They were focused and stayed with whatever we were doing until the day came to completion. I can add to that they had been carefully chosen as they were bright and learned quickly. Pretty sure that all were college graduates, although that is not a requirement. Age group was 20-25, with one 30 year old. Self described, they once referred to themselves as the “Generation Y Hippies.” Most important, they made it easy and fun for us.

So I think what I’m saying is that if I were in that age group and wanting to learn something about alternative ways of buildings, I wouldn’t waste a second in submitting my application. It’s a priceless opportunity.

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