A Great Blog on the Rio Sonora Valley

It’s spring in Canelo, our April workshops have finished and I’ve been here at home, taking the time to work on various odds and ends here on our property and buildings. It’s a luxury I haven’t always had in the past few years so I’m enjoying it fully. Athena just returned from a couple of weeks with her mother and family in New Mexico. I’ve been here with our other two boys and intern Cecilia from Italy. So therefore, no recent posts to this blog, I do have some planned, but amidst various chores and projects, they are slow in coming.
However, I stumbled onto this what I’ll call an absolutely brilliant couple of blog posts of a young couple who traveled to the Rio Sonora valley with their Airstream trailer. As I remember it was their first trip to Mexico. The writing is both humorous and gives an accurate account of the area. The link for the site is: //turkeydawgblog.blogspot.com/
There are two posts that talk about the Rio Sonora, I recommend scrolling down and reading the one at the bottom before reading the one at the top. It is entitled “Airstreaming Mexico.” Follow that with “Bringing the Heat.”
The photo above was taken at a home on the Rio Sonora during the month of November, a time when chile ristras line the entire valley.
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