Flowers in the Dirt

Right now, there’s a whole lot one could say about drought, lack of rain, fires to the right, fires to the left, there are days when it can look nothing short of downright gloomy.  Some days it can almost feel like the end of the world.

On another note, it’s been a good month in a lot of other ways.  I’ve been able to get a lot done around this place, tedious stuff, assorted fix-its, needed gutters, plastering, nothing terribly exciting, but solid in every respect.  Add to that, a new website almost finished, ready to be launched soon, hopefully before we take off for Denver.  On these 100 degree days, when it is only possible to work outdoors early in the morning or late afternoon/evening, computers make a whole lot of sense, making it possible to work in the cool of the indoors.

The bleak, grayed-out  landscape doesn’t offer much photographically, Mexico looks pretty much the same, no dance group to photograph, you could call it sort of a photographic drought as well.  But ultimately I remember that if I look deep enough, there is always beauty to be found.  And since I’m not particularly a person who likes to document the downside of human existence, that’s not to say that I”m not willing, there are times when that is needed, but for the most part, I prefer subject matter that touches beauty, that which is uplifting.

For the first time in months, there are clouds from the southeast, lots of them yesterday.  That’s a hopeful sign for advent of the monsoon season.  But after years of living here, you never trust, you may hope and wish, but trust in the predictability of an abundant monsoon.  That is asking too much.  It has to rain, that is the only way one can know for sure.

In the midst of the June landscape, there is always one dependable source that I can count on – “Flowers.”  Some flourish in the parched ground, far removed from any source of water, others hang closer to the house, where the drip irrigation system periodically replenishes them.  They’re like friends that remind you, that despite how bad things can look, to stop and look beyond the big and obvious,  the overwhelming and that there is something beautiful to behold.  It’s kind of like life, when in times of family squabbles, political ridiculousness, friends deserting you, that in spite of it all, you are OK and that your life can be a thing of beauty.

And so having said all that, here’s an assortment of flower images taken over the last month and a half.

The Gallardias and Larkspurs are predictable through the dryness of June.
As our the prickly pear cactus blooms.
With their spiny stems, the Prickly Poppies are always visible.
Dahlias prefer it close to the house.
And the Roses, hardier than anyone suspects
Black and white or color, easy in the digital age.
And perhaps my favorite, these minature Roses.
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  1. Beautiful Flower shots! We have a bunch of flowers that we don't always see this year but for an entirely different reason. All of the rain that guys are not getting – we are! One of the big things that most folks aren't really aware of – consciously – is that the weather patterns are changing around the world. I see that Texas has the longest drought since records were kept, and we've had more rain in Minnesota that you can imagine. Of course, we are all aware of the string of natural disasters that are becoming common place but few realize that these too are a part of climate change.

    Fortunately, when you live in straw bale house, it never is as bad as for the rest of the folks. Such is life.

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