Monsoon News and a Little Bit More

Scattered rains around us, norther Sonora got a great soaking the other night, some decent rains to the east of us, Tucson even got lucky.  Here’s a couple of photos from yesterday that you could call “almost.” 

On my way home yesterday about 5 pm, this was more or less the scene.  The sky was cloudless about 2 hours before.

By about 7 started to look like so.

And by 8.

All the above, taken and processed on the iPhone.

And then only drops for us, others fared well.   You can often feel quite beside yourself when it rains elsewhere within your view, even worse when it’s just your neighbor and you don’t get a drop.  But on such a dry year for everyone, you can be happy regardless of who got the rain.

Northern Mexico, which has been drier longer with more heat, got a steady rain for over 4 hours.  In response I loved this Facebook post by one of the girls in the Xunutzi dance group – Viridiana Olivas: “Hermosisima lluvia, no quisiera molestarte pero si hoy ns visitas de nuevo me harias mas qe feliz!! de antemano muchas gracias=)”

In English – “Very, very beautiful rain, I don’t want to bother you again today,  but if you would visit again, you would make me very happy!  In advance, thank you very much =)”

There’s a post on this blog dedicated to her and her family: //

On another note, pertaining in particular to Mexico, I watched on the TED talks, a beautiful presentation given by Emiliano Salinas, the son of former, not-to-well thought of, president of Mexico – Carlos Salinas de Gotari.  It’s an address to the populace of Mexico entitled “A civil response to the violence.”   It offers an alternative to the violence that has gripped parts of the country and there’s also a meaningful message in there for just about anyone, about how we live life.  Here’s the link: //

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  1. Bravo! Viva Mexicano de Corazon! My spanish is way too rusty, but thank you for this beautiful message and the photos of the incredible landscape and sky-scape of the Monsoon on its way! Love, Joelee

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