Grupo Danza Xunutzi Video

The one thing we have been lacking in our writings about this lovely group is video footage other than a few short clips that we posted sometime back. Mostly it’s been still images. Through the group’s teacher Nicolas Lizarraga I got hold of a video of the group performing at the national competition this last year where they won third place overall. So with it in my hands I posted it to YouTube for you to see. Be patient, the first couple of minutes there is no dancing, the announcer is explaining to the audience the costumes from the Sate of Sonora and in turn they are being modeled.

If you would like to see them in the very near future, they will be performing on the plaza in the town of Huepac, Sonora – the Rio Sonora Valley, Saturday, February 12th, sometime between 6 and 7 pm. Contact me if you want more details.

Hope you enjoy it, here’s the video and the link – //
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