Our Summer Schedule-Marvelous Mud and European Tour

Marvelous Mud Program – Denver Art Museum – July 9th thru July 24th

In July we go back to the Denver Art Museum to be part  part of the museum’s summer program entitled “Marvelous Mud – Clay around the World.”  The museum’s theme is celebrate the use of clay around the world and how it has shaped culture, creativity, science and industry over time.  There will be a variety of exhibits exploring this marvelous medium that illustrate it’s diversity and history.  There will also be live demonstrations by a variety of artists.  Our project is called “Clayground” and the idea is to collaborate with the public and give them the opportunity to work with us on utilizing various combinations of clay with straw bales, wattles, adobe and straw clay blocks, basically, whatever seems appropriate, to create a sculptural form that includes benches, curves, an arched stairway and an oven.  The idea is basically to have fun with those materials and at the same time give children a place where they can play and enjoy themselves.  And what I’ve discovered is that working for museums on clay related projects is a whole lot of fun.

On the dates listed above you can find us just outside the doors of the new wing of the museum.  In the nighttime photo below, the new wing is the very geometric shaped structure to the left.  You can’t miss it.  So if you are in the area, please feel free to wander in and join us.  The program runs from June 11 through September 18th when our sculpture will be dismantled.  You can get more information from the museum’s website – //exhibits.denverartmuseum.org/mm


European Teaching Tour –  August 20th to October 1
Enhancing the Teaching Methods of European Natural Building Teachers – Clay Plasters, Earthen Floors and Artistic Decoration.

After returning briefly to Canelo, we will leave for Europe on a teaching tour the middle of August.  Our workshops are part of what is known as the Grundtvig programme and open to individuals from all the European Union countries.

Our schedule:

Denmark at the Friland Community north of Arhaus – August 20th – 24th.
This year we return to Friland, a mortgage-free, intentional community, located 35kms north-east
of Aarhus, Denmark in the town of Feldballe. It offers a living example of environmental design.  Our hosts are Lars Keller and Jo Morandin, the couple who make our European tours possible.  They organize our schedule, contacts, can’t do it without them.
Contact: Jo Morandin:
jomorandin@gmail.com. Tlf: +45 8668 0505. Mobile: +45 2390 0924

Helinski, Finland – September 1st – 6th.
This is a new stop for us in Europe, our host Paul Lynch attended our workshop last year in Slovakia.  The great thing about the Grutvig Fund that sponsors these courses is that the attendees have to choose a workshop in a country other than where they are from.
Our workshop will take place close to Helsinki at a beautiful location on the ocean.
Projects during the course will take place on a straw bale ateljé and an old
log building.
Contact Paul Lynch:
paul@naturalbuilding.fi Tlf: +358 44 2509663 website

Angouleme, France – September 14th – 19th
This is another return location for us.  Our host Andre de Bouter put on a marvelous workshop for us two years ago.  It will take place at his new location, L’Oasis, Les Pellières which is the home base of the training center “La Maison en Paille” (the straw house), specialized in straw bale building. It’s a 200 year old stone building with courtyard that previously served as a Cognac distillery and restaurant.
It is situated in the Cognac region, 1 km from the Charente river that is boarded by
hills that are covered with grape vines, small forests and old stone villages.
L’Oasis is easily accessible by train from Paris and Bordeaux.
The building is currently being transformed into an ecological lodge and showcase of
earth and lime plasters. Hopefully we add artistic and decorative touches.
André de Bouter: contact@lamaisonenpaille.com Tlf: +33 545 662768

Arbizu, Spain, The Basque region – September 26th – October 1st.
Our Spain workshop is near the little village called Arbizu, in a green valley
surrounded by spectacular mountains covered in oak woods and beech forests,
in a quiet but very well communicated place, 40km. from Pamplona. Situated
in the centre of Basque Country, with traditions, history and art dating back
centuries.   And for now, that is all I know.
Susanna Sureda: susanna@campingarbizu.com
Tlf. +34 627040358

So if you happen to be anywhere in those vicinities while we are there, by all means, get in touch.


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