Rio Sonora Dance Group – Tucson Meet Yourself

This is basically an announcement or reminder for friends in Tucson, Arizona. A few blog posts back we featured several videos of a folkloric dance group from the high school and middle school of the Rio Sonora Valley that a great many people seemed to love. So given the enthusiastic response we got those several videos I thought it a good idea to let folks know that they will be performing in Tucson tomorrow, Saturday, October 9 as part of the Tucson Meet Yourself Folklife Festival. They will be at the Tucson Convention Center Plaza Stage, 260 S. Church, performing between 3 and 4 PM.

I don’t think I need to explain the festival to southern Arizona residents in any depth, but in short, it’s an opportunity to eat, dance and meet the collection of cultures that reside in the Tucson area. The event features hundreds of performers, food vendors, folk artists and marketplace vendors. For more, take a look at their very well done website – // There is a complete schedule to be found there as well as a downtown map of the festival – //

These young kids are fabulous performers, they have just returned from Guanajuato where they earned third place in the overall competition for the entire country of Mexico. We’ll be hosting, transporting and feeding them for the weekend, so if you feel inclined, join us for their performance.

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